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Upgrading your Account from Trial to Paid. 

1. To upgrade log into your client login on the website on the home page of www.soteriabackup.co.za 
2. And it should take you to the following page: "Account information" & "Account Overview" page 
3. To upgrade go to Services – "My Services" – It should take you to the following page: "My Products & Services" now click on “View Details” 
4. Once you have clicked on “View Details” and it should take you to the following page:(This is the current product you are already registered for. For example: 30 Day Free Trial  & it should say "information" and briefly outline the details of the product.  
5. Now click on “Management Actions” Upgrade/Downgrade are the options, click on the first highlighted tab below “Management Actions” 
6. Now choose the appropriate sized package for the amount of data you have. For example: if you have 40 GB of data choose, Cloud Backup for Business – Business 40 GB 7. Now if you are linked to an IT guy who gave you a special link or code, please use the promotional code and type it in where it says “Promotional Code”and then click “Validate Code” (this is to receive the 50% discount on the first 3 months after upgrading to a paid account!)
8. Also Choose the Payment method below: For Instant EFT (Recommended) it should take you straight to the registration page for banking details etc. Follow the payment processes, if you clicked on, “PayFast” this is an instant EFT payment system and will take you straight to the registration page for Payfast and then to the bank you chose to use in order to pay your account. 
Complete the process and click on pay. 
You are done! 
Call us if you have any questions or queries on 087 943 2288 
Or contact us on Sales@soteriabackup.com

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