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Step 1:
Click on the Guardian Web Console shortcut on your desktop,
or go to All Programs > Guardian > Guardian Web Console.
Login using username & password or defaults for these (admin/admin)

Step 2:

Configure a backup schedule in the Soteria client system.
Select 'Backup -> Add File Backup' from the top menu.

Step 3:

Select the ‘Backup Type’ as ‘Same Machine’ in Step 3 and enter the external drive location for the
‘Local Backup Location’. After entering all the other backup details, save the backup schedule

Step 4:

Run the backup, check the progress (Go to backup - List Backup Schedules,
click on green triangle on backup schedule you just created) and make sure the backup runs to completion.

Step 5:

When the backup is complete,suspend the backup schedule.

Step 6:
Before sending us the drive, after the Full backup has completed successfully, you must make sure that
the backup does at least 2 days of incremental backups to ensure that the process was completed correctly.

Step 7:
Email us screenshots of the historical reports as proof of this, before we send the courier guy to collect the hard
drive from you.

NB ! Step 8:
Once process has been approved by us SAFELY REMOVE YOUR DRIVE
Go to the bottom right hand side of your machine, right click/click on safely remove icon,
and safely remove the hardware or else your data may be corrupted!

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