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How does the Affiliate Plan work?
 - The Affiliate refers customers directly to us using special links or promotion codes and any sign ups get tagged
   under the Affiliates account.
 - We pay you 20% commission on all revenue from the customer for the life of the customer!
 - We support + invoice the backup customer as per our website pricing plans.

What is the cost of signing up as an Affiliate?
There is no cost or upfront fees for signing up as an Affiliate. For signing up as a Reseller,
however, there is a monthly commit of R1000 for 1000 GB of space/month!

When I sign up as an Affiliate, how do I know that my account is activated?
After you have completed the registration form on our website at: 
You need to activate your account by clicking on “Affiliates - Activate Affiliate Account.”
Once you have done this, you will be given a “unique referral link” to give to your clients.
You will also receive an email from us called, Email 1 of 3 with your login details to your client area.

What is a promotional code and why do I need one?
The promo code is an added benefit for your clients.
This code enables every client signed up under your promotional code a 50% discount on the first 3 months after sign up!

When would commission be paid out?
Your commission is paid out to you, once you hit the R500 mark.

When I go to my Affiliate account, I see that there is an option to order new services.  Can I create or activate new services for clients there?

No, when you log into your own account with your own username and password,
only you can order new services under your own name.
The only way you can order a new service or manage a client is if you sign up as a reseller!
Remember as an Affiliate, you REFER clients to us and we pay you commission for doing so.
If you want to manage or bill your own customers,
you would need to sign up as a Reseller for the minimum commit of R1000 for 1000 GB per month!

Could I move my account from Affiliate to Reseller if I wanted to?
Yes of course! Lot’s of clients do this. They start off as Affiliates and then move over to the Reseller plan.
All that is required is the following:
 -  You would complete & sign the Reseller agreement that gets sent to you via Echosign
 -  We would send you a link to sign up and pay for the reseller account
 -  Once the account is paid for in full, the reseller account details will be sent to you, you would log in and
    start creating clients immediately!
 -  We would also send you a reseller “Getting started guide” with screenshots in it, showing you how to create
    clients and convert them and authenticate them to one of our backup servers.
 -  We can also show you how to move/migrate your customers over to your new reseller account!

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