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Affiliate Plan:
The Affiliate refers customers directly to us using special links or promotion codes and any sign ups get tagged
under the Affiliates account.
We pay you 20% commission on all revenue from the customer for the life of the customer!
We support + invoice the CLIENT as per our website pricing plans.

Reseller Plan:
The Reseller would "bulk-buy" storage space and software licensing from us at discounted pricing!
We provide to you a reseller portal on the backup server where you can create and manage your OWN customer’s accounts.
You support and invoice your own customers directly and you set your own pricing for them.
We provide support for you, NOT your customers.

  Reseller Plan Affiliate Plan
What is the direct monthly cost to me? Starts at R1000/month None
What is the cost to the customer? You choose and set customer pricing Standard Soteria Retail Pricing
Do you pay me Commission? No Yes, 20%
Can we set our own pricing? Yes No
Who bills the customers? The Reseller Soteria
Who manages the customers? The Reseller Soteria
How much is the profit margin? You set it > 50% 20%
Can we rebrand the backup interface using our own branding? Yes, included at no additional cost No

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