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Cyber Protect Cloud: How to switch to new Advanced licensing in Management portal


This article describes switching in the Management portal. This method is appliable for:

  • Partners using RMM integrations (ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Control, Kaseya VSA)
  • Partners not using integrations


How to switch

To switch customers to new Advanced licensing:

  1. Open a customer tenant that is currently using a Legacy edition, e.g. ‘Cyber Protect Edition (per workload)’
  2. Navigate to the Configure tab.
  3. Select a billing mode:
    • Per workload
    • Per gigabyte



4.Confirm the switch by entering your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud administrator account’s login:



After that, the logic of the switch will automatically:

  1. Enable new offering items of standard protection and advanced packs in a combination to fulfill the same level of functionality as it was available in the source edition.

     2. Replicate quotas from the source offering items to the destination offering items.



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