How To Add your first client to your Reseller Control Panel

Log into the control panel here: and login with
your username and password:
Username: John Doe (Example)
Password: 4KL0987 (Example)
Once you have logged in successfully, go to “Reseller Admin” right next to where it says settings and
click on “List of Customers”
You should see this page on your screen:

Where it says “Add New Customer” is where you would manually need to create your clients.
See screenshot below:

NB! It is very important that when creating CUSTOMERS you tick the “automatically add clients when they
connect to the server” the reason for this is to make sure that they are in “unlocked mode” and that
you are able to “authenticate” the client to the backup server.
Once you have created the CUSTOMER and saved this, go back to the page where the CUSTOMERs where

And click on “Edit Customer Details” icon and you will notice that the “Customer PASS
key” has been created, in the top right hand corner:

This “Customer Pass key” is for authentication purposes when installing the software on each
machine by going to: (selecting the appropriate installation for either, Linux, Mac or windows

NB!! When installing the software, please kindly install it as “Custom” if you are going to be backing
up “outlook” as this requires a “Outlook Plug in” which needs to run under “the user” and not
under the system and install this in “application mode” this is so that Ms Outlook is able to run
efficiently and backup changes “incrementally” instead of backing up the entire PST folder every
Once this is done, you will be prompted for a “Guardian/Machine ID” this NEEDS to be an
EXCEPTIONALLY UNIQUE name you choose for your machine (so that the server “knows” uniquely
that, that specific machine belongs to you!) for Example (Name.Company Name):

Please also note that once the Soteria Guardian Web console is installed (on the machine you are
wanting to protect) you would need to “register” or “authenticate” the client to the backup server
using that “Customer Pass Key” Here is how to do that:

Go to the “login page” and click on the blue “sign up” button

Add the backup server (in this case it is add the customer pass
key and the guardian ID should automatically be showing! And register your client with the backup
Once this is complete, you can schedule your backups!
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