How to pay your invoice via EFT - Payfast

Here is how you would obtain the correct bank details and reference number to pay using our Instant EFT System, Payfast.


PLEASE NOTE:  You need to go through these steps EVERY TIME you pay an invoice as EVERY invoice to notify our system that you are making the payment so that it can be identified and marked against your invoice.

Otherwise, to make things easier, contact us to pay via direct debit. For Automated Debit Order please contact


Step 1:

Go to your  invoice

Click on the link inside the invoice where it says; “You can log into your client area to view and pay the invoice at

Step 2:

 Once you have clicked on the link you will see this page: (See screenshot below) Click on the dropdown arrow where it says, “Unpaid”

Step 3

 Change the payment method to PayFast: (See Below)


Step 4:

 Now click on “Pay Now”

Step 5

It will take you straight to a secure site for Payfast. All you need to do is fill in the rest of your details and click on “register & pay” and select “pay via Internet banking” and it will take you straight to your secure banking site and you are done!

The payment will be credited immediately into our bank!

Step 6:


For EFT / Internet Banking - from the payfast screen, click the second option in the screen under "OR" to view the bank details to make a manual EFT payment your normal way.
Please use the details on the next page once you have logged in and chosen EFT -

Step 7:

For EFT / Internet Banking - from the payfast screen, you will see all the bank details you need to make payment.
Please use the details on the next page once you have logged in and chosen EFT -

a) Payment to

b) Beneficiary name

c) Branch name

d) Branch number

e) Account number

f) NB - Beneficiary reference - Please use the unique beneficiary reference when making payment

g) Amount

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