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1) What is your pricing?
Server Storage Space R1 per GB per month.  There are 3 tiers/options as a reseller -
Bronze - R1000 a month minimum spend, silver - R3000 a month minimum spend, Gold - R5000 a month minimum spend

2) Do you offer free trial accounts?
Yes, EVERY account that is created is on trial mode, and will expire and stop working after 30 days.
It is the Resellers responsibility to convert trial to paid anytime before expiration, otherwise backups will stop working!

3) Where can I view progress status of backup?
Yes – you can most definitely view the progress and status of the backup. There are TWO ways you could do this.
a) You could configure the software to send you the reports via email by directly logging into

Yes – you can most definitely view the progress and status of the backup. Here’s how:
b) Log into the Soteria Guardian Web Console. You should see a list of backups already created.
Now click on the green triangle that says “Backup in progress” and it will show you the Backup progress report.

4) How can I view our data remotely that’s on your servers?
Once the Soteria Guardian client is installed – it’s easy!
As long as you have a username & password to our backup server you could
view the backups straight  from there or even from your actual machine where Soteria
would be installed on.
Just click the Soteria shortcut from your desktop.

5) What are the Upload & Download line speeds, and are their additional data charges?
1000 MB per second. The download speed is limited to your local connection. There is no additional charges!

6) Do Soteria backup do data duplication and when?
Yes - We have replication to a secondary location, and this is daily.

7) Do Soteria backup do data compression?
Yes – there is an average of up to 50% data compression.

8) Do you have a hosted environment (data centre) in JHB?
No - Hosting location is in Cape Town and we will be adding JHB in the next few months.
Initial seeding is done in Cape town, we do use a courier service for this nationwide, to collect and deliver external drives.

9) Are backups done at bit level?
Soteria does file level and bit level incremental changes after the first initial backup is completed.

10) Do you have local servers?
Yes -  we offer local storage with local support. (SA Based).
We use a combination of Dell and Supermicro servers and high capacity SAN back-end storage.
We run a fully "virtualized" environment with redundancy and automatic hardware failover.
Our servers are located both inside the Internet Solutions facility in Cape Town with replication of backups being performed to
our separate cloud environment. We have staff available 24/7 at both locations.

11) How do the licensing work, how many clients can one connect and the costs?
You "bulk-buy" storage space and software licensing from us at discounted pricing!
We provide to you a control panel on the backup server where you can create and manage your customers accounts.
You support and invoice your own customers directly and you set your own pricing for them. (whether you would like to
mark it up 20% or 50 percent, it is really up to you!). We provide support for you, not your customers.
*Limitations for the Reseller Agreement, 1000GB for R1000 a month

12) How does the backup software connect to your storage environment? (HTTP, HTTPS, VPN ect)
It connects to HTTP/HTTPS (configurable).

13) How does the full rebranding work?
You as a reseller need to commit to a minimum of R5000 a month spend (which is 5000gb).
There is also a R5000 Once-off Full_rebranding Setup fee.
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