PayFast: How to apply payments you already made to an invoice

This is for customers who have paid their invoices, but not straight from their invoice link.
Instead of the money going to Soteria, it sits in your payfast "wallet" account.

Heres how you can fix it, and re-allocate that money to us!

1) First Confirm your payment is in your PayFast account at -
Login with your details and then go to Account - to see your balance
Invoices that you paid incorrectly - the balance should show up here in your account as a positive credit balance in your Payfast e-wallet (meaning that it hasn't been paid over to us yet).

2) Then log in to your account at or just click the payment link in any invoice
Once logged in, please go to your invoices
Click on the invoice number that is unpaid

3) You will then get taken to the invoice.

Please at the top of this invoice, make sure payfast in the dropdown list is selected and click "pay now" at the top right

4) You will then get taken to the Payfast website.

Please log into payfast on the right hand side.

6) Then payfast will show your existing funds in your payfast account/balance and you can complete payment


Thats it!
The money you paid should now be correctly allocated.

Please ensure you always go through the process of paying via the pay button on your invoices,
in your client area on the Soteria Website, or clicking on the link in your Invoice email you recieved from us.

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