Add SSL certificate for CentOS/Guardian

Steps for installing CRT in CentOS / StoreGrid

1.)    Generate key with OpenSSL :

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout backupserver.domain.key –out backupserver.domain.csr

2.)    Request certificate from provider (Apache)

3.)    Copy crt to <Guardian installation>/sgchroot/apache/conf/ssl/HttpsSSL.crt and key to <Guardian installation>/sgchroot/apache/conf/ssl/HttpsSSL.key

4.)    Modify cert and key with +x attribute : chmod +x /home/guardian/Soteria/Guardian/sgchroot/apache/conf/ssl/HttpsSSL.crt and chmod +x home/guardian/Soteria/Guardian/sgchroot/apache/conf/ssl/HttpsSSL.key

5.)    Restart service : sh /home/guardian/Soteria/Guardian/ then sh /home/guardian/Soteria/Guardian/

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