New software 2018 - Initial setup + Installing Software and adding a backup

Installing Software - Initial Setup

Initially as client/ customer you will get an activation email in your inbox to activate your account

Click on the “activate account” button to get to a page to setup your account and password

To setup your own backup click on “Backup and Disaster Recovery” where you will get a welcome message

From here you can add your Device for backup,
Choose from the list of devices

You will get a file to download which you must save

Once saved, open this file and press the install button

Here you will need to use your username/password you created on activation

Then an Installation successful message will show

To get back into the webconsole to set up your backup look for the icon in the task bar and click it

You will see more information and a world icon.
Click on this world icon to open the web console to login

Here you will see your device,

Click on “enable backup” to set up a backup

You can choose what to backup -
And can choose specific files and folders


Also from here you can set the schedule and encryption in the backup tab.


After selecting files and folders / schedule / encryption - Click create button

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