Soteria cloud backup : Network Timeout Issues

First Method 

Make use of Network Verification Tool.

The tool is integrated into Agent for Windows and is executed during installation. Follow these steps if you need to check connection later (for example, if you run a backup, but it fails with a connection error/Network Time Out error).

1. Download the Connection Verification Tool and unpack it.

2. Open the Command Prompt and run the tool with the following parameters:
port_checker_en-US_x86.exe -u=<login> -p=<password>
where <login> is:

  • your Backup Account belonging to Soteria Backup Cloud's Customer(!) group (not Partner admin account).
  • your Backup Account email address for Soteria Backup

and <password> is password for the Backup Account. You will be prompted for password if you don't specify this option.

E.g.: port_checker_en-US_x86.exe -p=MySecurePa$$word

3. The tool will check connection to Soteria management servers and storage.

4. Check the report of the tool and see whether all hosts were successfully accessed.

5. If there are any problems the tool will tell you which port to open. In case you need assistance of Soteria Support Team please save the output of the tool.

Second Method.

Go to start, open “regedit” and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\Settings\OnlineBackup\FesAddressCache\Default(userslogin), change FesUri key to and then restart the service "Acronis Managed Machine service".

For Linux

Linux (all versions)


1. Log into root / sudo su

2. Type in commmand systemctl stop acronis_mms

3. Type in command vi /etc/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery.config (can use nano if installed, otherwise to install yum -install nano -y or apt-get install nano -y)

4. If in vi type in /FesUri to find the address line. With nano press Ctrl-W type in FesUri

5. Modify the incorrect "arc01" address to "". In vi navigate to the incorrect 'arc01' then press 'i' to insert. Modify to correct address, then press ESC and type in :wq! to save and quit. In nano, just modify and press Ctrl-X to save.


6. Type in systemctl start acronis_mms to start the backup software, then test if it runs from the interface.

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