Guardian Neo Backup of SQL instance fails with "There are no SQL writers"


You have installed Guardian Neo Backup agent for SQL and created a backup plan for a SQL instance.

Backup task fails with this error:

| error 0x1350016: TOL: Failed to execute the command. Backing up
| line: 0x8d165e86fb819595
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\common\tol\command\command.cpp:455
| function: Tol::`anonymous-namespace'::MakeFailResult
| CommandID: 8F01AC13-F59E-4851-9204-DE1FD77E36B4
| $module: gtob_backup_command_addon_vsa64_3539
| error 0x26f0067: A generic error of Microsoft SQL backup component.
| line: 0x94f5f955b13dde82
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\managers\gtob\backuper.cpp:190
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ApplicationBackupProcess::Execute
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539
| error 0x57010f: Failed to back up Microsoft SQL Server.
| line: 0x7f9e79f979cfc145
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\mssql\managers\gtob\backuper\src\backuper_utils.cpp:151
| function: MsSqlBackup::BackupSqlServer
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539
| error 0x57170a: There are no SQL writers.
| line: 0x86f55a36047e9a1e
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\mssql\common\src\diagnostics\sql_writers_validator.cpp:39
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::SqlWritersValidator::Validate
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539


In general, such errors are indicating the lack of security permissions for the account which the SQL Instance is running under.


Solution 1

Check that the user account is added to SQL Server security logins and that it has the "sysadmin" role for the SQL instance:

  1. Using SQL Management Studio, connect to the SQL instance.
  2. Go to Security -> Logins.
  3. Open account properties and switch to Server Roles:
  4. Mark the sysadmin check box:
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