How to modify your Machine ID

The Machine ID specified during Soteria Guardian installation should be unique to the machine. Two computers with the same Machine ID cannot backup to the same backup server.

The Soteria backup server stores all the details of a client machine based on the client's Machine ID. Therefore, once a client has started backing up its files to a backup server, it is not recommended to change the client's Machine ID. If the ID is changed, Machine client will run the backups afresh and cannot resume from whatever has been backed up so far with the old Machine ID. If the Machine ID HAS to be changed and if it is acceptable that the client runs it backups afresh again, then please follow the steps mentioned below to change the Machine ID of the client

  1. Stop the Soteria Guardian application in the client machine

  2. Open the "conf/SGConfiguration.conf" file in a text editor from the application directory.

  3. Modify the 'ID' attribute in the 'StoreGrid' tag to the desired Machine ID value.

  4. Save the SGConfiguration.conf file.

  5. Start Soteria Guardian.

Like mentioned above, the client will run all its backups afresh. Also make sure the client entry in the backup server with the old Machine ID is deleted from the server. If it is not deleted, then the backup server will require two PC licenses for the old Machine ID as well as for the new Machhine ID - as the backup server considers the client backing up with the new Machine ID as a new client.

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