Warning "The 'Full Disk Access' permission was not granted to the app"

Operating Systems: 


  1. You are backing up a Mac with macOS Mojave (10.14)
  2. You receive a warning similar to the following one:

The 'Full Disk Access' permission was not granted to the app. To grant it, go to the 'Utilities' folder in Finder, click 'Backup Agent Assistant', and then follow the instructions from the app.


Backup Agent requires full disk access permissions in order to back up your data.


Grant full disk access permissions to Backup Agent:

  1. Go to Utilities folder in Finder
  2. Find Backup Agent Assistant and click it:

  3. In the window that opens, click Open Security&Privacy:

  4. Click the "lock" button to allow changes and provide your password when prompted:

  5. Drag the application icon from the window requesting to grant Full Disk Access to the Full Disk Access table.

After you performed these steps, Backup Agent should appear in Full Disk Access list. 

If the issue persists after applying this solution, please contact soteria support for further assistance.

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