How do I know what to backup?

How do I know what to backup?


Initially you would need to determine the size of your data that you would backup. (See below) Essentially you should backup your "Critical Business Data" which means all your financial records, your daily reports and sales figures? Perhaps those are Excel documents or Word Documents or perhaps your emails?

We can back up ANYTHING that you work on often and that you would NEVER want to lose. ANYTHING at all!

It is critical to do an offsite backup, especially if it's in the cloud in the event of a disastrous event occurring like a fire or theft.

Could you imagine what it would be like if you lost all your financial records?

Why not start backing up with Soteria today before disaster strikes? Before a theft takes place or your hard drive crashes or even worse your Server crashes?

No more swopping backup tapes or using external hardrives!!

Here's to the new backup technology! Backing up into the cloud! Safe, reliable and secure!



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