How to modify Client Backup Device licenses

What is a Client Software License?

A Client Software License is a monthly fee for each machine that uses the backup software.


The pricing is based on the type of device:

• Desktop / Laptop (Win7/XP/Win8/OSX etc)

• Virtual Machine (VMware, Hyper-V, XEN, etc)

• Physical Server (Linux, Windows Servers etc)

• Mobile Phone

• Office365/G-Suite/SharePoint Seat



And the Edition category of Licence:

• Cyber Backup Standard

• Cyber Protect Essentials

• Cyber Protect Standard

• Cyber Protect Advanced


To allocate a device quota: 

Log in to your reseller management console, click the customer name represented by the house icon on the left pane:



A new window is displayed on the right pane. Click Edit to unlock the configuration page. 


You are now able to customize your customer's device quota as desired. 


The service quota is automatically assigned when a protection plan is applied to a machine for the first time. You can manually change the original assignment later. For example, to apply a more advanced protection plan to the same machine, you might need to upgrade the machine's service quota. If the features required by this protection plan are not supported by the currently assigned service quota, the protection plan will fail. Alternatively, you can change the service quota if you purchase more appropriate quotas after the original one is assigned. For example, a Workstations quota is assigned to a virtual machine. After you purchase a Virtual machines quota, you can manually assign it to this machine. You can also release the currently assigned service quota, and then assign it to another machine.

You can also change the device quota of an individual machine under the customer-level console. 

To change the service quota of an individual machine:

In the Cyber Protection service console, go to Devices

Select the desired machine, and then click Details.


In the Service quota section, click Change


In the Change license window, select the desired service quota or No quota, and then click Change.
















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