Soteria Guardian vs DropBox

DropBox is a fantastic content-synching or file sharing service, but it is NOT designed as an Online Backup tool, and has severe limitations that make it unsuitable for this purpose:

Soteria DropBox
Protection You can select any files or folders in any location that you want backed up. ONLY files in your DropBox folder will be protected
Security Your files will be protected with 256bit encryption Your files are unencrypted
Replication Your data is replicated to both a primary and secondary location in different cities Your Data is stored on one remote server, which is a single point of failure.

Your backups are pro-actively monitored by Soteria support and they will contact you

if they see a problem

No active monitoring
Local Backup You can use Soteria to perform local backups for local storage or for "initial seeding" You cannot backup locally with DropBox
Bare-Metal Backup You can backup or restore an entire server including Operating System and Configuration with one click. Bare-Metal backup is not supported, you can only backup limited files.
PlugiIns With our plug-ins you can backup live Outlook, Exchange, SQL Server, MySQL etc You cannot protect open files or databases with DropBox
Versioning Each historical file change is stored and you can revert a file or document to an older version Versioning/Archiving is not supported

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